Imagine the possibilities

One intention at a time

As we play with new ideas and a new worldview, we keep attending to our beliefs. So much of human behavior is habitual. And behind every habit is a belief—about people, life, the world. We work from the premise that if we can know our beliefs, we can then act with greater consciousness about our behaviors. — Margaret Wheatley

All human endeavor, as Wheatley states in A Simpler Way, is about our beliefs and intentions. What we have in common is our desire to create and give life to a better world, where each human has the same worth, where all of nature is revered and protected as one living system, and where family, friends, and connection are the focus of life. From this worldview, money and economy exist to support our human and social values, allowing our beliefs and intentions—our heart, to become our life's work.

At the heart of work is the human structure we know as the organization, where work occurs in small groups. Streams offer a useful way to look at organizations. A stream's purpose is to return home to its orginal nature, the ocean. All of its energy and focus is centered on this intention. Organizations with good intention also retain their original nature. Companies without an authentic purpose—like meeting a social need, risk issues with identity, integrity, reputation, productivity, and survival. Streams are agile and can change form as needed. Organizations too can become agile, able to change form to meet their evolving future.

Mindshift Consulting is a company focused on the psychology of helping people work together to meet the needs of society. As noted, most human accomplishment happens in small groups of people working together in an organizational setting. At Mindshift, we help people come together to create and give life to shared visions. When we peel back all the window dressing, organizations are simply places where people connect with each other, share ideas, and think of new ways to do things. All too often, they are places that do not nourish human connection. Our specialty is transformation, intentional design, and managed change.


Leaders are challenged today to create a powerful culture while guiding an organization in the midst of uncertainty and change. Highly productive organizations have strong cultures. Successful leaders meet the future with uncompromising truth. We offer distinctive opportunities for personal and professional development. Our leadership model defines qualities and characteristics that guide the development of a person and their potential to lead.


Change is relentless and resistance is futile. When planning an organizational change, we recommend the path of least resistance. This path requires the least energy and gets you there quickest. By the way, it is also the least expensive. Anyone in business for a handful of years has experienced projects that take too long, cost too much, and never deliver the business benefit stated in the project charter. We design for the opposite outcome.


At times, we tend to overcomplicate things. Organizational change is simply a matter of getting from where you are today to a more preferred place. Still, you need a plan to clarify intention and set direction. To get where you want to be requires thoughtful design. Once we clarify your intention, we can design for the right change at the right time for the right growth. Once you begin to execute, you acquire the advantage: momentum.


Organizational structure aligned with purpose

Like any living system, organizations are complex patterns of behavior evolving through continual transformation. Add the variables of growth, global markets, technology, diversity, human desire, and relentless change, and things get interesting. The balance to complexity is simplicity. Using our MC3 design process, we design strategy and structure in support of purpose. We help organizations evolve to meet their future.


Learning to fly

From our perspective, the primary role of an organization is to learn. The role of leadership, then, is to create learning organizations and to develop the highest potential in every person, to unleash their ability to fly. We design coaching engagements that combine personal and professional development with insight and real world application. In our learning experiences, leaders engage, reflect, and renew.

When you are ready to make a change, we are ready to help.

Mindshift Consulting helps organizations with design and development, focusing on change and transformation. We offer a personal touch and bring extensive experience. Please take a moment to share your current need. Hans Kuendig, Founder, Ph.D. 650 201 7286.